Thursday, May 17, 2012

Look at me now

who i was then is not who i am now

so please, don't expect me to be who i was

take me for who i am

everyday i learn new things and find new meaning

and slowly but surely, i redefine myself

perfecting the right

reworking the wrong

i am a constant work in progress

who i am now

is not who i will be tomorrow

so please don't judge me be who i was

focus on the present

find out who i am now

and walk with me as i become who i will be 

- Kay Tabz

better to try and fall short than never to try at all because you think its impossible...

So,i came across that statement as i was reading something i wrote over a year ago and funny enough, its relevant to my life right now... oh how life works in mysterious ways! gives you what you need EXACTLY when you need it!

I think its a statement that applies to many different situations, but in my life i think it all comes down to one thing: when i reflect on my life one day, i want to look back and have no regrets. one might ask, is this even possible? so i shall explain what i mean... i want to be able to look back and know that in all the life situations i was faced with, whatever challenge it was, i did all that i could and i was not limited by my own inhibitions... i want to be able to look back and say i seized every opportunity that was presented to me. i want to be able to say i made the most of my friendships and my relationships. i don't want to look back and have those 'what if' moments, those 'maybe i should have' moments. but is this realistic? is it possible to apply this to all aspects of my life? 

Maybe i am just a dreamer, but i would rather try and fall short than never try at all because i think its impossible...