Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best believe...

I really thought this week was gonna be the most hectic week of my academic life, and i had pronounced it the worst week of my UCT life... but i guess life has a way of sorting itself out! well its still the most hectic week of my academic life, but it is not a bad week at all... so much good has happened in the last 12 hours, i could live on the high from these incidences for the rest of the week!!

guess dreams do come true at some point and what we hope and wish for comes through and it happens at an appointed time! i think all the things that have happened in the past 12 hours have happened now for a specific reason! if these things had happened last week or the week before, i wouldn't have appreciated them the way i appreciate them right now! but because i am going through a hectic time, the simplest things have happened and they have taken me from the depths of misery to the heights of pure happiness!

i now truly believe that things happens for a reason and they happen when they are meant to... no matter how hard we try and wish for things to happen in our own time, our Father in heaven knows why he does not grant these things in our time, but in His own time... so best believe that God has got your back and He knows what he's planning for you, and he surely knows when these things are to happen... so when things dont seem to be going your way, or when the future looks really dark, hang tight, it will all come together in the end!

i still have a hectic week, i still have lots to do, but i'm gonna do it with a happy smile and not the gloomy frown i've had for the past two days

so hang tight, sunshine is coming!! Best believe...

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