Saturday, October 9, 2010

The simplest things

All the simple things that are the most important things in life are right before my eyes. All i have to do is open my eyes and take the time to absorb and consider that i really do have everything i need and everything i will ever need, but not necessarily everything i want.

Happiness lies in the simplest things and it is only in realising this that i will find true happiness! It's in listening to that quiet voice deep withing, its in smiling at the next person, it's in dancing to that song in my heart, it's in loving unconditionally, it's in singing my favorite song, it's in sharing what i have, it's in listening to the people around me, it's in working to the best of my ability, it's in living my life in the best way that i can... it's in all these things that i find happiness, and at the end, when i look back on my life, i will smile and say i did my best. Whatever the outcome, at least i tried!

and so i will sing, dance, smile, live, laugh, love, share, give, work, pray and be the best version of me that i can be nomatter what the circumstances, so help me God...

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